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The Mission of IGNITE: IGNITE is a group of young adults who seek to create an environment in which young Catholics can grow in their faith with each other. We seek to imitate Christ the Way, the Truth, and the Life through prayer, study, fellowship, and service.
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If all the sleeping Catholics will wake up—and all the lukewarm Catholics will fire up—and all the dishonest Catholics will confess up—and all the disgruntled Catholics will sweeten up—and the discouraged Catholics will look up—and all the estranged Catholics will make up—and all the gossipers will shut up—and all the dry bones will shake up—and all the true Catholics will stand up—and all the church members will pray up—then you will have a revival.

  • Franciscan Way Magazine 2013
  • Hudson Valley Magazine 2014
  • Catholic New York 2014